¡Tres Mutantes!

Much as I enjoy the Tri-Wizard rub - especially on tri-tips and steaks - I've found that I consistently add a few more spices when I'm preparing chicken and fish. After a while, I put together a big batch of this mutant Tri-Wizard mixture, so I could have it on hand all the time.

¡Tres Mutantes! is a savory Southwestern blend with just the right kick to liven up grilled chicken or fish. A pinch or two really pumps up a pot of black beans or pintos, and it's outstanding mixed with melted butter and lime juice and slathered on roasted corn on the cob. I sprinkle ¡Tres Mutantes! on potatoes, and stir it into mayo for a sandwich spread or quick dipping sauce for veggies or fries.

3/4 cup Tri-Wizard rub
1/4 cup ground cumin
2 tsp ground chipotle (or more, to taste)
Mix well and store in a covered container - an empty spice jar with a “shaker” lid is ideal. ¡Tres Mutantes! rub keeps indefinitely.

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